Stop wasting time trying to get the HTTP proxy configuration right in your applications. Just point them to use Corporate Proxy Helper and don't worry about it anymore!

Most of open-source tooling don't support Windows proxy configurations via scripts, a common setup in corporate environments. Corporate Proxy Helper can automatically detect them and make your applications work again! Your app just need to send the traffic via Corporate Proxy Helper and you will never get connections problems again

Most corporate proxies will intercept internet traffic and inject their own SSL certificates for inspection. These certificates are only installed in Windows store and many tools don't support reading it there, that's why you get so many SSL errors. CPH will automatically export your Windows certs from your machine to a format that most apps understand!

Corporate Proxy Helper comes with a set of pre-defined environment variables and tool configurations that you can apply in your system, so all your SSL certificates and Proxy settings are correctly understood by tools like GIT, Python, NPM, Rust...

Multiple environment checks at once!

In the Dashboard view, you will find multiple health checks performed by Corporate Proxy Helper that let you know if anything needs to be done. It will check for example your system environment variables, the custom SSL certificates that your company proxy adds into your connection and will also check if the connectivity is OK

SSL certificates safety

Stop configuring your apps and tools to ignore SSL error checks caused by your company proxy! This is dangerous. Let Corporate Proxy Helper automatically read your Windows certificates and build an universal file that you can use in all your apps.


You can download and test Corporate Proxy Helper absolutely for free for 15 days. You are welcome to email us during your trial period, report bugs or get your trial extended!


15-day free trial

  • - Full functionality
  • - Free updates

$ 69/year

  • - Free updates forever
  • - Quick support



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